arcam av40 vs marantz 8805

A funny thing happened on the first cut, we had forgotten we had been playing around with the speaker set up and our first thought was, wow, this piece is bright with no bass! It's a great in-a-nutshell sequence that proves this processor's poise and power.

The AV8802A was never under-endowed, but this aims higher (literally) with its additional channels and HEOS integration. Irrelevant.

Mine are all B&W at ear-level but I'm using JBLs on the ceiling, so the Marantz impressed in its ability to keep every channel tonally matched.

Your IP: I would have predicted outstanding rather than routine measurements.

The AV40 uses a very high-end DAC set from ESS Technologies. No, I'm saying you're dead wrong when you say the sound can't be good because it only distances in 1 foot increments.... let me make it: not as good as it could be. So what you would see in the market would be mid-priced receivers from the major brands with every possible feature set, yet just ok sound compared to the really high-performance products. Very impressive. The name was later shortened to Arcam. The name was later shortened to Arcam. Trinnov's Dolby Atmos Object Viewer lets you watch your movie soundmixes fly about in real time... Sound United confirms acquisition of Bowers & Wilkins, Bored of black? Well designed product get passing grade, more people buy them. To 11.1 Auro-3D: Yes. Black Friday 2020 UK Deals: What you need to know, Xbox Series X and Series S streaming apps confirmed, Sean Connery: James Bond icon dies aged 90. Advanced Search Cancel Login / Join. It showed ultrasonic distortion at 34 kHz, tested with a 10 kHz test tone. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Go. There are two of these in the AV40 to handle its 16 channels. Perhaps some really high end units have it. A case could be made for the MkII SE being the best of the lot. A larger miss for audiophiles is lack of USB input. Full disclosure I own an Anthem AVM 60. Power amp technology is pretty stable, but if you follow the home theater side of things, the tech in surround sound changes quite often. It made use of the available channels, opening up the overall soundstage in a way that felt totally organic. It also depends on how many HDMI outputs you need/want. The subtle nuances we heard in both the voices and instruments told us this was one great piece of gear from a two-channel perspective. You need a display to run audissey. There's a large drop-down flap, behind which you'll find a set of controls and some additional connections.

The AV 40 has the look of their new HDA range with a dark gunmetal finish complemented by silver knobs and buttons.


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