animal crossing mystery island
However, by having a villager move out, you can open up an empty lot on your island and villagers will start appearing on Tours again. Learn about the chances to get villagers, when to farm & more! A vaulting pole and a ladder are the most crucial tools to have, as much of the islands are entirely inaccessible without these tools. 22.9k votes, 1.0k comments. A hook-shaped river on the lowest level flows from the center of the island and exits to the west.

The ring of water in the center is narrow enough for the player to jump across without the need for a vaulting pole. The personalities of villagers you encounter on Mystery Island Tours will differ depending on if you go before or after completing the resident services event. Scorpions are the only insect to spawn on this island. ※3 You don't need a new plot of land if you haven't invited the 3 villagers to your island yet. These islands might seem random, but there are actually 20 different setups, each with its own vegetation, fish, bugs, and more. Please review the rules before … The following insects can be found on this island: This island is almost identical to the Bamboo island, but with Hardwood trees instead of bamboo. However, if you haven't progressed the game until the part where you build 3 houses and get 3 villagers (as a part of a Tom Nook quest), you actually won't need to have an empty plot placed. "Fins Island". A fairly normal island which you can get on your first tour, with one cliff, native fruit, coconuts, a river and a pond. Three rocks can be found on the lowest level, and one on the raised section. The maximum number of villagers you can have living on your island at once is 10. The waters of this island contain only large fish. GameWith uses cookies and IP addresses. A ring of fruit trees surrounds the top-most cliffs, atop which many flowers and five rocks can be found. Empty lots can be placed only after you build a Campsite on your island! Over the course of our tests we noticed that the same character may appear multiple times.

... you won't get a new mystery island with foreign fruit until they are done. In order for a villager to spawn when you go on a Mystery Island Tour, you'll need to have an empty lot for a house available and placed on your island. The island features a large curved raised section in the north to north-east, with smaller raised sections in the south-east and south-west corners. One Nook Miles Ticket will run you 2000 miles. Until update 1.2.0, there were two additional islands: a second big.

The fruit will always be the player's "secondary" fruit, which will always be the same when coming to this island.

There are 20 archetypes in all for the Mystery Islands (with five missing in the game's data), some of which are much rarer to experience than others. The only insects that spawn here are tarantulas (as long as it is night time in a Tarantula month), and the rocks have crafting materials if you can get to them. This project is not affiliated with or sponsored by Nook Inc or Dodo Airlines. Many of the islands will contain flowers, which is usually the same native flower as the player's town. Practically the same as Island #0, but without the pond, and with a slightly bigger cliff. The island features a very large raised section in the center, with several ponds and a waterfall that are shaped like a fish with a raised caudal fin. Breaking the rock at the far north will let you vault over into the island with five money rocks on it. "Gold Island". The only fish that spawn here are the largest finned fish. If you climb up onto the cliff and climb down from the back, you can vault over to a tiny island in the middle and get 8 gold nuggets from a single rock. The only insects that spawn are water-related ones. Scorpions will generate en-masse within the clearing, making for a difficult but potentially very lucrative bug catching opportunity. Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH) Wiki Guide. Notably, this is the only location in the game that features a fourth-tier of elevation. "Falls Island". The island is covered with 19 fruit trees bearing non-native fruit, all of which can be harvested and sold for a large profit on the player's island. Only water-related insects spawn. Only insects associated with trees will appear here. Bamboo Shoots can be found buried next to the stalks. By clicking Submit you are agreeing to the Terms of Use. A somewhat wide island with a small raised section to the north, and a river that flows down and exits to the west. A small square island with a ring of water in the center. This will be different from your native fruit - but every time you come here, it will be the same one. Check Out How to Get Scorpions! Each tour brings the participant to a random deserted island, known as a Mystery Island, where they can harvest materials for crafting and catch rare bugs and fish. If the player is bitten they will respawn back on the dock. After setting up a campsite on your island, all personality types will start to appear, which might make it more difficult for you get the character you want (if they're not Peppy, Lazy, or Normal).


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