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Mobile site. As a lover of the history of Australian…. Just click the "Edit page" button at the bottom of the page or learn more in the Filming & Production submission guide. Burstall's first feature film, 2000 Weeks was an ambitious contemporary drama about a writer, starring Scots-born actor Mark McManus (of Taggart fame) and Australian actress Jeanie Drynan, which was very notable at the time, being the first all-Australian feature film produced since Charles Chauvel's Jedda in 1954. Alvin Purple Graeme Blundell Tina Donovan Elli Maclure Spike Dooley Alan Finney Dr McBurney George Whaley Alvin is supposed to be 16 at this point (even though he looks about 30), but he’s still equipped to satisfy Mrs Horwood – although she does comment, “you’re a big boy for your age”. Alvin Purple is from the Benny Hill school, with flocks of crazed, uniformed schoolgirls on bikes chasing our hero on his bike, with a musical accompaniment not a thousand miles from the actual Benny Hill theme.

The film received largely negative reviews from local film critics. This is due to how small the acting community was in Australia in '73 that all these otherwise poor female roles are portrayed by some of the greatest acting talents that this country has ever seen. Still, it generated enough income in Australian dollars to warrant a sequel, Alvin Purple Rides Again, released just a couple of years later.4/10. Light spoilers ahead. Gary Down Alan Finney

Low-Budget & Lurid: A List of Exploitation/Grindhouse Fare (Every Movie on the Grindhouse Cinema Database, Almost), New Beverly Cinema Films by Quentin Tarantino, Genre: Exploitation (100 Years: 1896-1995). “The problem is, I just can’t seem to avoid sex.”. If nothing else, a total left-field cinematic pep pill for quarantine days. Working in door to door sales, Alvin unsuccessfully tries to resist legions of women who want him. . Includes investments, loans and grants. Alvin Purple is a 1973 Australian sex comedy directed by Tim Burstall and starring Graeme Blundell, Lynette Curran, and Jacki Weaver.. Filmed on location, Dave’s home is really part of a small apartment complex known as St. Andrews Bungalow Court. ALVIN PURPLE (aka THE SEX THERAPIST) (18), D: Tim BurstallHexagon (Tim Burstall)Australia 1972 (released 1973)97 mins Comedy W: Alan HopgoodDP: Robin CoppingEd: Edward McQueen-MasonMus: Brian Cadd Graeme Blundell (Alvin Purple), Christine Amor (Peggy), Dina Mann (Shirley), A young lethario gets a job as a gardener in a convent in this crass sex comedy which was hailed as Australia's answer to Alfie.It did huge business at the Australian box office but wasn't so well received elsewhere, possibly because it's not very good. Essentially the movie starts off with Alvin having sex for the first time. Really starting to doubt the pillars that my education is built on. Cabdriver Tina Bursill can't resist Alvin's animal magnetism on tour with the band, in the 1976 episode of the Alvin Purple TV series, Rhythm Method. An exercise addict, she enjoys going for hikes in the Runyon Canyon, working out at Equinox on Sunset Plaza and reporting on the news about the rich and famous. Carole Skinner. Les James Seeing an analyst turns out to simply add to his problems though – First Alvin visits Dr Liz Sort (Penne Hackforth-Jones) who tells him he needs someone on whom he can “lavish the full extent of his emotional reservoir” and that he needs to learn that he can do things other than sex with women, thereby keeping his fluid reservoir dammed up. His psychiatrist is, of course, a woman. Shortly this will also incorporate project-specific market and festival support provided by Screen Australia since its inception in July 2008. For a virtual tour of the location, we included photos of the exterior and interior of the cottage.

Here he becomes the gardener and a changed man . Spike Dooley The talented cast of actors tries hard to keep the thin material afloat, and the movie spawned two sequels – Alvin Rides Again (1974) and Melvin: Son of Alvin (1984) as well as an Australian TV series, also titled Alvin Purple (1976). He starts to think he must be going crazy from all the sex so he sees a therapist who shows…. Lynette Curran Alvin and the Chipmunks Hollywood Filming Location. The heavy “customer contact” is wearing Alvin out, and he confides in his friend Tina (Elli Maclure) and ends up seeking psychiatric help in an effort to straighten out his predicament. After reminiscing for a while over Alvin’s youth we are transported to the present day (1973). Clare Balmford This is nominally a sex comedy, but it plays out more interestingly as a harrowing study of sex addiction, Steve McQueen and Michael Fassbender's Shame transported to 70s Australia and helped along by possibly the most annoying score I've ever heard. Be the first to contribute! Alvin’s Lawyer See my Genre: Exploitation (100 Years: 1896-1995) list for 10,000+ exploitation films! She becomes a nun, and Alvin ends up a gardener in the convent's gardens. Alvin Purple is one of the most insane mind-bending experiences I've ever had. [2], The film was shot over five and a half weeks in March and April 1973. Alvin Purple was released back in 2010. The charming development provides housing for victims of HIV/AIDS. First sugar girl Liz’s Lawyer Battling between being a progressive look at sex addiction and an immature soft-core porn story, it's hard to align the motives of the film. In another chase scene, the wife of Alvin’s teacher (Jill Forster) appears and gives him a ride back to her place, where bonking is once more the order of the day.

Alvin’s Mother Dina Mann Unlock all features by purchasing a credit or try StarMap® Pro for a whole month. Let…. Project-specific support provided by Screen Australia's development programs since the agency's inception in July 2008. This was followed by a 1976 Australian Broadcasting Commission television situation comedy series, titled Alvin Purple. They are powerless to resist his charms, and he can’t escape the armies of lust-crazed women who need to use him to satisfy their depraved desires. [6], Upon its release, Alvin Purple was accompanied by a 48-minute-promotional documentary, Inside Alvin Purple, directed by Brian Trenchard-Smith. Shara Berriman 'Alvin Purple', the quintessential popular Australian film of the 1970s, follows the ribald adventures of its seemingly ordinary title character (Graeme Blundell) who finds himself the centre of non-stop female attention ... Film locations, Film review, Melbourne Alvin then seeks help from Dr McBurney (George Whaley), who sees a way to exploit Alvin’s talents in a way that will be profitable to both of them. One of my university lecturers claimed this is the best Australian film. Jacki Weaver är sockerflicka nummer 2. This early 1970s Australian film is a classic tale of sex and alienation and first real sex. So he runs from most but has sex with a decent amount. Stork was adapted from his play The Coming of Stork, which had premiered at La Mama. Alvin Purple was a massive success, and took $4,720,000 at the box office in Australia,[5] which is equivalent to $36,721,600 in 2009 dollars.

Retro running was far from the driving force it is today. Newsreader You also see young Jacki Weaver fully naked, so that alone makes it worth a watch. Alvin Purple is a 1973 Australian sex comedy film starring Graeme Blundell, written by Alan Hopgood and directed by Tim Burstall. Alvin is now 21 and a waterbed salesman. Working in door to door sales, Alvin (unsuccessfully) tries to resist legions of women who want him. Very long, padded Aussie "comedy." Leader of Angry Husbands The Alvin Rides Again disc features 8'04" of interviews, with producer Tim Burstall, co-director Robin Copping and writer Alan Hopgood, a photo gallery, a theatrical trailer and AFTRS short film Six Days Straight..

Movies. I suppose few would call it a feminist movie, but I think it serves up a pretty good masculinity critique; in a fantasy scenario, where an everyday dude is granted sexual nirvana, right from the get-go it just heightens his inability to exist in a meaningful relationship to anybody else, which of course is the real everyday problem for too many people anyway. Christine Amor Shame is funnier, though. According to the Hollywood Community Housing Organization, St. Andrews was scheduled to be demolished after the community had been neglected, seemingly beyond repair.


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