altair rc boat

Overall, I think this boat would be awesome for older teenage children or beginner adults who are interested in the hobby or racing. ! Ready to purchase? – 1 x Charging Cable The fact that you can get such a high-quality boat for under $100 is a great deal.

or you can get fast and … We care about the details that make our RC products easy and fun to enjoy. These are the only batteries that are not included in the box, but I always seem to have AA batteries lying around so it wasn’t that big of a deal. The Altair AA Wave RC Boat is an easy and fun RC boat that kids and adults will both be able to enjoy.

In my opinion, the AA Aqua is the ideal boat for summer. There are four trim functions on the AA Aqua’s controller. With fail-safe features and a durable build, this boat is easy and safe to use even for younger... Altair AA102 RED Aqua RC Boat: Great Gift for Kids and Adults, Anti-Capsize Hull System. Each boat comes with 2 3.7V 1500mAH Li-ion batteries and best of all, this boat is ready to go right out of the package! It was pretty simple to get the hang of. THE AA102 RED AQUA RC BOAT is a great gadget for outdoor lovers wanting a toy to take to the water. It was pretty easy with some practice, but I did have to watch the how-to video to understand the forward and back trims better. Today I will be talking about the AA Aqua, a new RC boat from Altair Aerial. Now, when a company claims its product has a feature such as this, it’s important that it actually works. This means less charging time, and more driving. I’m hoping it’s as exciting as it looks and is easy it to drive.

I have a need for speed and heard that RC boats deliver some pretty high speeds on the water. Dronethusiast is also sponsored by Altair Inc, but the opinions expressed about Altair drones are our own and unbiased. If you are a competitive racer, I would say that you may consider trying out a different boat, but the Aqua is super fun for a beginner. Another thing that I want to let you readers know is that you should always remove the battery after each session. These are a little new to me but it looks like there are trim buttons for left, right, forward, and back. One of the best things about buying an RC boat from Altair is their outstanding customer service. I definitely don’t think I made it that far before returning the boat to shore. I took the AA Aqua to a small lake and when I first turned it on in the water, I was able to quickly get the hang of the controls, which I liked. The anti-capsize hull system helps the driver return the boat to its upright position in case it overturns in rough waters. Check out the Altair AA Aqua Website or Facebook page. There also appears to be four trim functions on top of the remote. I will say, be careful when removing the boat from the styrofoam as the rudder is connected and you don’t want to damage anything. This RC boat has double the battery life of its competition and can zoom across the water at 20 MPH.

As I’ve said, I am thrilled that Altair Aerial is now selling RC boats, and for an affordable price, too. Required fields are marked *. We care about the details that make our RC products easy and fun to enjoy.

This is so the boat stays water tight and no damage is done to the battery. My first impression is that is seems like a sturdy controller that’s easy to use.

WON'T CAPSIZE: Part of what makes the AA Wave so easy to use is thanks to its Anti-Capsize Hull System. Keep reading to see my in depth review and learn if the AA Aqua could be right for you.

Your email address will not be published. – 2 x Li-ion batteries ALTAIR BRAND PROMISE: The Altair brand stands for high-quality products that are designed with our customers in mind. However, I was recently asked to review a new RC boat that just hit the market. I realized pretty quickly that that using these functions took some getting used to and a good deal of hand-eye coordination. FAST AND FUN: The Altair Aqua RC Boat can reach speeds of up to 30 km/h (20 MPH) with its powerful 390-size brushed motor. This RC speed boat features a water-cooled engine and with the help of its powerful 390-size brushed motor the AA102 can reach speeds of up to 30 km/h!, I don’t exactly know what they do but will be looking into the instructions to give you a better explanation of how they work. Altair Aerial’s AA Aqua comes with a great anti-capsize feature that I really appreciated and I think any buyer will too. I read that it’s best to use these functions if your boat is idling or not turning as well as it should be. *** THE AA102 RED AQUA RC BOAT is a great gadget for outdoor lovers wanting a toy to take to the water. ALTAIR CUSTOMER SERVICE PROMISE: The Altair brand stands for high-quality products that are designed with our customers in mind. AA818 Plus Hornet | Fast & Free Shipping in USA. Check out the Altair AA Aqua Videos instructions to see the Aqua out on the water! This RC truck can reach speeds up to 30 MPH and can crawl over the toughest rocks and obstacles in its way. Its speed. You’ll know when it’s time to bring it back to shore, before it’s too late. With fail-safe features and a durable build, this boat is easy and safe to use even for younger drivers. After taking everything out of the box, I had to hunt down 4 AA batteries to use in the controller. If it’s left in the battery can become unusable and will not charge again. As a consumer, we promise to treat you the way that we want to be treated while creating innovative products that we know you'll love. I was impressed with this speed especially with how far the boat can travel. I couldn’t wait to get this boat into the water to see what it was like to drive!

To add this product to your favorites you must sign in or create an account. FOR BIG KIDS & KIDS AT HEART: Anyone ages 10 and up will love racing the AA Aqua across the water. I always encourage our readers to read any user manual thoroughly to learn more about every piece of the product and how to use it. Take the Aqua out as far as 100 meters (330 feet) and compete against your friends for maximum long range fun. Be sure to replace the two pieces correctly so that no water can reach the battery. You will not get bored with this boat and you will be able to make some exciting memories with it. Users can drive the RC boat up to 25 km/h or 15 mph for an exciting experience. I would say that if you’re a beginner, you will want to watch the how-to videos closely and ease your way into using the trim functions.

*** THE ALTAIR POWER PRO 4X4 is an RC truck built for Adventurers of all ages that are looking to explore. Altair Aqua Videos Click Here. The boat is very responsive to the controller and in no time I was able to handle figure 8’s out on the lake. Installing the batteries into the controller was pretty standard. Let’s look at the transmitter more closely, too.

You can buy the AA Aqua for $79.80. This time I had no problem flipping the boat back over again and continuing on. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. The steering control is on the side of the transmitter, which is a little different for me as I’m used to to drone controllers, but it can be turned forwards and backwards easily and controls the boat well. That sure saved me from having to swim out from shore! Your email address will not be published. I just slid off the cap on the bottom of the controller and inserted the 4 AA batteries according to the images in the battery housing. – 1 x 2.4GHz Radio Controller. And with the Out of Range Alarm and Low Battery Alarm you'll never have to worry about losing your ship out to sea. Altair AA Wave RC Boat: Great for Beginners, Anti-Capsize System. I’ve always enjoyed reviewing products from Altair Aerial and their RC boats have not disappointed. This RC boat can be controlled up to 390 feet from shore and thanks to the included specialized 2.4GHz Radio Controller you won't experience any RC interference with multiple boats operating in the same waters! $59.80 *** THE AA WAVE is an RC boat made for users of all ages. The throttle is in a comfortable place and can be pulled or pushed to move the boat forwards and backwards. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Who doesn’t love that? Justin is a certified Drone Enthusiast with several years experience piloting as many UAV aircraft as he can get his hands on. GO THE DISTANCE: This boat comes with a specialized 2.4GHz radio control system that is designed to protect against interference. – 1 x Rubber Cap This is such a great feature especially for one of the best RC boats under $100.


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