alliant 2400 load data 357 magnum

Small world. But you will not find Elmer's loads in any normal loading manual because they do exceed SAAMI specs. Why do we care about twist rates anyway? This load likes the bullet to push through the throats with finger pressure.

I use 14.0 gr 2400 + 160 gr LSWC. Legendary for its performance in .44 magnum and other magnum pistol loads. If you are shooting through a revolver, this should be a reasonably accurate load, just a little pricy. I decided to try some tests with different nose-punches, to see if the 358-477 would at least group out of the Rossi. I still have the Dillon XL-650 setup on my bench, perhaps I’ll have to try both for the next range trip! Use load data at your own risk. In my opinion there are a few criteria: The bullets must be capable of less-than ... Review the most accurate load chart just below, and it's glaring that semi-wadcutters (SWC) are at the top. Using chamber casting alloy, I carefully made a chamber casting, then designed each bullet to match the measurements.

Therefore I don't think i'm blowing smoke or just bad-mouthing when I say fear of litigation has caused companies to publish reduced data. The 3.5 grain Bullseye load is still tops for a light target load. In fact, when I looked, there was a woeful lack of data both for the .357 and .44 Mag with lead bullets. Older manuals often came with a note regarding 2400 in the 357 mag, Since I first purchased my copy of the Hornady 9th edition load manual I have found that to be a superb source for my, One has to remember the earlier data was intended for the. I hope this provides another way to get that bullet you really want. After these few pounds of 2400 I'll probably lay in as many 8 pounders as I can of something useful. I like the idea of using a powder better at higher velocities for magnum rounds, so will probably just switch to jacketed after this batch is done.

Yeah tops, Hornady also makes some factory loaded 44 Mag ammo that uses the FTX bullets too and the cases are shorter than a standard 44 Mag case, just like the 357 Mag FTX factory loads. Elmer Keith used 2400 to develop his heavy loads in the .45 Colt, .44 Special, .44 Mag and .357 Mag. It's above .38sp yet below published .357 loads. The RCBS sits in between, but is loose fitting with not much more support than the flat punch. More about lubing later with each recipe. So I ran out of Red Dot for 357 and found it easier to switch to 2400.

I like this powder so much that I have about 15 pounds currently in stock… and only for my GP-100! 454 Casull. It's an easy enough test. I’ve heard reports that Alliant 2400 does better with 156 grain bullets. That's very close to previous results a few months ago, indicating 13.5 grains of 2400 to be an accurate load too. 45 Colt. Why we all have more than one ref point. If it shoots in your revolver without leading and loosing accuracy after 50 - 100 rounds, it's a great deal.

In 357 revolvers the vast majority of great bullet/load combinations are with a long OAL. If the throats are smaller, it's a problem, the gun will lead, most of the time, and accuracy will be dissappointing. With the custom tooling it's costing $205. If you are loading plated bullets in 357, you don't want to run them at magnum velocities.

The longer the measurement, the slower the twist. 2400 is my favorite mag pistol powder followed by 4227 which I am fond of lately. Check out the link on the right for more info. They built the guns to take what they new they'd be used for and fired proof loads about 1/3 over max pressure. Would like some advice on "lighter loads" for 2400 and target practice with that powder and those bullets... easy to "load … This bullet goes from zero to hero, unseating the Lee TL 358-158-SWC as the most accurate in the Rossi. Fireball. There aren't many places to get a Keith six cavity mould, as a matter of fact a custom mould is the only way I know of. being very square and straight as it's sized. The can both be found via Google. I am indeed shooting out of revolver, 5 inch barrel. Including instructions.

With velocity potential up to 2,300 FPS. Use a pencil to test your bullet / throat fit. The lapped Lyman 358-477, the lapped Lee TL-358-158 SWC, the Lyman 358-429 and even the new custom made Mountain Molds 358-429 180 grain Keith. As stated 2400 is a poor choice and I wouldn't recommend BlueDot for light loads either.

This load consisted of 14.4 grains of Alliant 2400, Remington 5 1/2 small pistol magnum primers, and Speer 158 grain JHP bullets.

2400: Select A Caliber or Gauge Below To View Recipes. Posts: 614. Stay tuned for load development results! It's still in design with a lot of work remaining before it becomes a reality. Excellent results all around IMHO.

Material connection (partnerships) information available at

That is the single best group I've ever shot. Here are a few from my first casting run: Load development and results using my new-to- me used Taurus 669 are outstanding. Those are the criteria, from the most important down to the very important. This is the bullet from the Mountain Mold. 5 Accurate No. I think the lawyers had a lot more to do with the emasculating of factory ammo and reloading data, than new pressure measuring equipment. I would try for something in the 1000fps range. The numbers map to the charge, but they are different in each picture. But the difference in measurement does exist and seems to persist and be repeatable. The bottom 4 shot single hole (above the dime, excluding the fifth flyer) measure .190 inches, center to center. For now, this is what is possible at 25 yards, rested, iron sights: I can't shoot six rounds, with iron sights, without pulling one. Since it's a great job in a company whose business is growing I'm very fortunate. WOW! I change the punch to a deep fit / snug fit punch to see what happens. I produced the design and they are cutting the mould. .357 maximum and alliant 2400 i will be loading the lee 158 gr swc gas check boolit, and would like to get into about the 2000fps range in my 16.5 inch handi rifle. But is warming up to faster powders like 700X and Bullseye. This is the Lyman bullet. I've promised some more test results, and plan to continue updating this blog. .357 Magnum Handgun (Lyman Reloading Manual 49th Edition) reloading data with 125 loads. 327 Federal Magnum. Poll: What’s your number one reason for reloading? For the new readers, this is my secon... For folks that can't seem to get a 358-429 mould that drops full diameter bullets, here is one great solution. That's getting up there for a 357 magnum. So a full wadcutter, with no thin nose to add length, will be the shortest bullet for a given weight.

Using the same 2X scope as before, I didn't expect much. The biggest issue with doing light loads of 2400 is that its really a better magnum velocity powder than regular velocity powder, and based on the larger powder charges per round, cost goes up.


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