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He was the "Symbol of Peace" and such a deterrent against crime that villains were largely discouraged by his presence in society.

This comes in many forms for All Might, such as physically on the battle field, but also mentally, sacrificing so much of his time, he barely has a private life. till the day Sludge Villain came and tried to kill you now Tags: all might all might rap anime boku no hero academia boku no hero academia anime boku no hero academia manga dubstep hip-hop my hero academia my hero academia anime my hero academia manga my hero academia op my hero academia ost my hero academia rap rap remix you say run オールマイト Nomu, All Might remembered his resolve of being the Symbol of Peace, and his resolution allowed him to push beyond 100% of his power in order to finally defeat the artificial human.

All Might ranked 10th in the Fourth Popularity Poll.

pushin every limit to the brink of being deceased but I got to lead young Midoriya, so it’s not a bluff

When a Quirkless Izuku tells him about his goal of becoming a hero, All Might praises him for having a dream, but reminds him to stay realistic and suggests he enter another profession that helps people. as we beat – them up with Toshinori's Golden Age hero costume consisted of a … NLJ Merch:, ►Album Art by Heine Sætrevik:, In my true form, there’s nothing that I’m proud of All Might was so proficient with One For All that he was widely known as the world's most powerful person.

His smile, once a gesture that served to calm others, started becoming more of a way for All Might to hide his fears and insecurities from the general population. Height His catchphrase "I am here" (Dub: "A Phone Call is Here!") Izuku has compared All Might's personality to their mentor Gran Torino since both of them apparently play dumb often. Quirk you were willing to show us what a hero’s still about, running drills, climbing hills on for miles First Appearance

Air Pressure Shooting Torso Armor: At one point, All Might wore armor over his torso that was designed to aid him in releasing shots of pressurized air.

Trained Muscles: Usage of One For All requires the user to have strong muscles, as One For All is a lot to handle and could cause the user's body to be blown apart if they don't possess the necessary strength of body. Though All Might has every good intention, he's somewhat ignorant to the long-term consequences his flawless persona causes.

yeah I’m on the top, but the world’s on my shoulders as my students learn how to be devout, to peace and justice, try to make a path Indeed, after obtaining One For All from his master, Nana Shimura, as well as inheriting her habit of smiling at all times, All Might rose to become not only a hero but a legend, no thanks to his seemingly endless competency and charisma. Despite his physique in his true form, he is actually quite physically able but isn't as efficient compared to when he is in his hero form.

My 7000+ Sample Vocal Pack: In addition, his costume colors are also based off the United States' flag colors (red, blue and white). He considered it necessary to lie to the public about his weakened state, for the sake of keeping up morale. Even after his Quirk's power was constrained by his injuries, All Might's strength and speed were unmatched though he was only able to manifest it for a limited time period.

However, most of the feats he performed are after All Might had been grievously injured by All For One and after he started the process of transferring One For All to Izuku, so the fullest extent of his abilities are mostly unknown. All Might's signature moves are named after states and cities in the United States, with his ultimate move being called. ), more commonly known by his hero name, All Might (オールマイト, Ōru Maito?

for the people you must, as we fight to save the mass so Fighting Style Blood Type

He is known for saving people with a smile and his catchphrase "I am here", two facets of him being the Symbol of Peace. ►Subscribe for more epic raps: Forced to once again break the limiter placed on his Quirk, All Might defeated All For One by using up his remaining power. cause I fully swore never back down but He believes in this core value so much, he dropped Sir Nighteye's preparations for a successor on a whim after witnessing Izuku's single act of selflessness to save Katsuki. Gender My Hero Academia Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. The same thing goes for his email, which has a notification sound of "An email is here!". He attempted to save so many people, it soon became an impractical habit. By pushing his power beyond its reasonable limits, All Might defeated Nomu, who was created specifically to kill him, with over 300 blows. If he's in control, he'll even make a dramatic performance out of their defeat, as an example to other villains. He has short blond hair, swept backwards, with two distinct tufts that stick up above his head, leaning slightly to each side, which often casts a dark shadow over his face, hiding everything but his bright blue eyes.

Personal Description He is extremely friendly and amicable due to his popularity and years in the spotlight, always taking his time to interact with fans. Quirkless (Originally & Currently)One For All (Formerly) Teacher, he couldn't help but be distracted helping people on his morning commute, shortening his time with his students. yeah I’m number one, secretly the eighth holder, Countin down the minutes till I’m finished Another prominent spectacle featuring All Might's willpower was during his final showdown with All For One. ): Transferred to him from Nana Shimura, Toshinori's Quirk allowed him to stockpile an enormous amount of raw power, allowing him to significantly enhance all of his physical abilities to a superhuman level. Weight All Might has the habit of adding "young" (少年, Shonen?) One of All For One's primary strategies in their fight was to wear down All Might psychologically, such as taunting All Might by mentioning the latter's former mentor and predecessor, Nana, as well as revealing that Tomura Shigaraki is her grandson. He is willing to go above his limits for their safety, making sure to alleviate their worries through his trademark smile. Like his hero persona, All Might can put on a theatrical villain one, doing it to bring out the full potential of others with rough love.


Community content is available under. no, I’m never gonna call it luck, Who’s next? He has since passed the torch to Izuku Midoriya, whom he is training to be his successor.

All Might (オールマイト, Ōru Maito?) be the one who will light the same match All Might's real name contains the kanji for "eight", His favorite things are movies and the cedars from, Drawing a frontal shot of All Might is extremely taxing to. Sometimes All Might underestimates his students and is outsmarted as a result. Two personality traits that seem to be always present on him, regardless of which form All Might is currently taking, are his optimism and oafishness. Exclusives & Sneak Peeks: His forearm sleeves were colored in gold that each had white lines covered in blue accents over his wrists, and had spiked fins on the sides of his arms, his feet were covered in shin-length gold boots trimmed with white and red accents. How I’m spittin harder as the blood emits with every sentence so Occupation Worn out of his muscle form and faced with certain defeat at the hands of a virtually unscathed All For One, All Might was still able to channel what was left of One For All to defeat All For One in a single strike. Despite his battle intelligence, his great powers and fame make him dissociated with others' capabilities, and Gran Torino asserted this made him ill-suited to teaching.

He also punched Katsuki hard enough for him to vomit, showing he will not hold back and is willing to injure his student if that means they'll pass the exams properly.


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