aiwei legend of korra
Zhao |

General Fong | Il assura à Zaheer que toutes les preuves avaient été détruites.

Mok, Second-in-command of Suyin Beifong (formerly). Aiwei is a character from the cartoon The Legend of Korra. Liling | [2] After his escape, Aiwei met Zaheer in the Spirit World, where he was sentenced by the airbender to spend an eternity dwelling inside the Fog of Lost Souls. Father Glowworm, Other Groups Hobby Full Name As everyone concluded that Zaheer's gang could not have entered the city within inside help, Aiwei began questioning all the guards, even Suyin at Lin's request. Chaejin | Long Feng | Jianzhu | Aiwei était le conseiller de la matriarche de Zaofu, Suyin Beifong, et un détecteur de mensonges humain. Zaheer tossing Aiwei into the Fog of Lost Souls. — Aiwei à l'Équipe de l'Avatar, Aiwei

The Minecraft Skin, Legend of Korra - Aiwei, was posted by Comet1551. Profession [3], Hughes, Kiku (writer, artist, letterer). Korra and Asami find a note from Zaheer telling the truth seer to meet him at Xai Bau Grove, which they could not locate on any map. Residence Advising Suyin Beifong whilst secretly serving the Red Lotus.

After Korra told him that they believed things were not adding up and that he had answers, he told them to sit and talk over tea. Earth Kingdom Zhu Li | 6. Mai | She was freed by Zaheer several years later and the two fell in love, eventually joining the Red Lotus in their search of a life free from oppressive leaders and gov… Grâce à cette capacité, il était très respecté à Zaofu, jusqu'à ce que son appartenance au Lotus Rouge soit révélée après la tentative d'enlèvement de l'Avatar Korra. Aiwei was Suyin Beifong's trusted second-in-command, and also an emissary and truth seer of Zaofu, however Aiwei was really a terrorist, affiliated with the radical anarchist organization known as the Order of the Red Lotus. Aiwei était également capable d'entrer dans le Monde Spirituel par la méditation.

Join us! Rate. He noted that she was visibly stressed and offered the business card of an acupuncturist to help resolve her issues.[4]. Gray Ukano | The cartoon character Aiwei is a adult with to ears length gray hair and green eyes. Aiwei Kemurikage | Après avoir entendu Mako exprimer son insatisfaction quant à sa place, Aiwei compris que Mako faisait référence au fait d'être assis à côté de lui, et sut que le Maître du Feu mentait quand celui-ci donna une autre explication. Once the gang had fled the city, Aiwei, maintaining his facade, gave Korra an antidote to the shirshu venom she was sedated with. After Opal's departure for the Northern Air Temple, Aiwei secretly helped Zaheer and his gang infiltrate Zaofu through a secret passage in his house, yet the criminals failed to capture the Avatar. All rights reserved. Personnages Principaux (Avatar, le dernier maître de l'Air), Personnages Principaux (Légende de Korra), Personnages Principaux (La Légende de Korra), Having received word from Zaheer to meet him at Xai Bau's Grove, he meditated into the Spirit World at sundown. Though Team Avatar wanted to confront him, Aiwei declined, claiming that they should let the guard sweat. When Korra claimed that she and her three friends were the only ones to have arrived, Aiwei detected that she was lying. According to Suyin, Aiwei's sensory abilities attested to the fact that there were no secrets, at least none that were concealed from him, in the city of Zaofu.

Fog of Lost Souls, Spirit World [1] Aiwei was also able to enter the Spirit World through meditation. [1] These traits landed him the position of adviser and truth seer in the city of Zaofu, which enabled him as the sole person in the city to keep a secret. 8. Azula |

The most viewed series from that year on Anime Characters Database is My Little Monster ( 160 views ). We can always use help adding characters we missed! Because he often used seismic sense to detect truths and lies, Aiwei always made his rounds in the city barefooted. Because of this ability, he gained much respect in Zaofu, until he was discovered to be a mole for the Red Lotus after they failed to kidnap Avatar Korra. Adviser of Suyin Beifong (formerly) 1. After Korra told him that they believed things were not adding up and that he had answers, he told them to sit and talk over tea. "Old Wounds" 308.

He was also the second known person to use that ability to detect lies, the first being Toph.


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