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After premiered at The Grove in Los Angeles on April 8, 2019, before it was released in Latin America on April 10, 2019, by Diamond Films, and in the United States on April 12, 2019, by Aviron Pictures. After is being directed by Jenny Gage (Lenny, All This Panic). Beetle — actually, we’ll stop right there before we let the freelance bio-exorcist loose on the world.

Originally a Harry Styles inspired fanfiction, After tells the story of a young woman named Tessa who meets Hardin–a bad boy with an irresistible British accent. [7][8] McMartin, Chestna, and Gage all received final script credit.

", "Lowest Easter Weekend At The B.O. [19], On July 27, 2018, Jennifer Beals and Peter Gallagher signed onto the film. [28] Though not confirmed, it can be presumed that Candice's late term pregnancy prevented her from flying to Bulgaria in the middle of a health crisis. Found Footage Movie about a school.

Just like Fifty Shades, After takes place in Seattle, which Anna said was intentional. Beals will play Karen Gibson, "the mother of Landon" (Shane Paul McGhie), "who marries Ken and develops a close relationship with Tessa, and who also wants to help Ken mend his relationship with Hardin".[20].

Offspring’s Adam Shankman executive produced alongside Scott Karol, Nicolas Chartier, Jonathan Deckter, Meadow Williams, Swen Temmel, and Eric Lehrman.

Selma Blair, Pia Mia, and a buuunch of other hotties, like Samuel Larsen and Shane Paul McGhie, are in it too! There would be days when I would forget and be like, ‘Everyone hates me!’ But when I look at the big picture, most of the people—and not just with me, but in any fandom—they say things on Twitter and they don’t personally care.”. [32] John Jackson Hunter was set to play young Hardin on August 14,[33] and on August 15, Charlie Weber, Rob Estes, Louise Lombard, Candice King, Karimah Westbrook and Max Ragone were announced to play Christian Vance, Ken Scott, Trish Daniels, Kimberly, Karen Scott, and Smith Vance, respectively. In 2014, Anna Todd landed a book deal with Simon and Schuster. To change your Rocket ID on Xbox One is as simple as it gets. In 2013, Anna Todd began work on a One Direction inspired series that she published to Wattpad.

After is a 2019 American romantic drama film directed by Jenny Gage, based on the 2014 new adult fiction novel of the same name by Anna Todd, which was originally released as a fanfiction on Wattpad.

The film was also produced by Voltage Pictures, Diamond Film Productions, and Frayed Pages Entertainment. In the same post on October 8, 2020, it was announced the Arielle Kebbel would be taking over as Kimberly, a role that was previously portrayed by Candice King. When can fans see it in theatres? "[27] Audiences polled by CinemaScore gave the film an average grade of "B" on an A+ to F scale, while those at PostTrak gave it 2.5 out of 5 stars. In the original chapters (which are still available to read fo’ free on Wattpad, BTW), Harry, Liam, Zayn, Louis, and Niall’s real names are used. "[29], In May 2019, it was announced a sequel was being planned, with Langford and Fiennes Tiffin both returning to their roles; it was due to start filming on August 12 of the same year.

Welcome to the #After family. The biggest thing in the One Direction fandom, aside from the eventual reunion of the band, is the upcoming film adaptation of “After,” a fanfiction novel series based on the band and written by Anna Todd. On May 8, 2018, Julia Goldani Telles and Hero Fiennes Tiffin were cast in the main roles of Tessa Young and Hardin Scott. #LeaveHarryOutOfAfterMovie #TreatHarryWithKindness, In a 2014 interview with Cosmo, Anna said, “The people that love and support me, there’s so many of them. The screenwriting process for After We Collided was exponentially different from that of the first film. Tessa reads it and then returns to the lake to meet Hardin. [24] In its second weekend the film dropped 58% to $2.5 million, finishing 11th. The movie is based on the 'After' series, which originally started out as One Direction fan fiction on an app called Wattpad. Here is everything you need to know about the series. Aunt Jemima changes name and branding after coming clean about racist history. Due to scheduling conflicts, recasts, and new cast members, multiple changes were made to the cast list. [14], On June 4, 2015, Paramount's adaptation of the film officially moved forward with Susan McMartin hired to adapt the novels for the big screen.

The February 14 trailer shows Hardin and Tessa becoming closer as they explore their undeniable attraction.

In 2014, Paramount Pictures acquired the rights to adapt After for film. Gibgot is just as excited about putting this film out into the world. [1], On October 16, 2014, Paramount Pictures acquired the screen rights for a movie adaptation of After.

[11] She directed and produced the first movie, After. On the main menu, press the RT button to bring up the Platform Friends list.Flick to the right, opening up the Rocket ID Friends list and press Y.This will bring up a text box where you can create a new name that you won’t find embarrassing for five to six months before anxiously changing it one more time. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site. If you’ve read After, you probably know about the infamous lake scene. “There’s always going to be changes and I feel like all the changes so far have made the story better,” Todd began her reveal. What is this movies name? In the end, she trusted the producers to cast the perfect people for the roles.[3]. According to IMDb, After can be expected to hit theaters on April 12, 2019. She worked alongside a team of writers to adapt the novel into a screenplay. [2], In the United States and Canada, the film was released alongside Hellboy, Little and Missing Link, and was projected to gross anywhere from $3–12 million from 2,138 theaters in its opening weekend. [6] Aviron Pictures will distribute the film domestically, with Voltage Pictures handling foreign distribution.

[17] In early July, producer Jennifer Gibgot stated that shooting would begin on July 16, 2018, in Atlanta, Georgia shortly after Langford had been cast as Tessa.

Meadow Williams and Swen Temmel are executive producing, along with Adam Shankman, Nicolas Chartier, Jonathan Deckter, Scott Karol and Eric Lehrman.[5].

“Which I think is good because, honestly, one, we need more women to balance all of the guys and also because I just think Tessa needs to be around more women.”, “Zed is still a guy,” Gage assured fans, but then quickly joked, “But Hardin…”. Also, we need to be more diverse in race, in sexuality, it just, it fits and it makes perfect sense for me.”. Netflix Really Wants You To Stay Home This Fall — & These Movies ... 19 Black Horror Flicks To Binge After You’ve Finished, In A Horror Movie About Hair, The Biggest Villain Goes Unseen. In 2014, it had already racked up more than a billion reads. We wanted to make, like, this is what it really feels like to have your first love.


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