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In Uruguay, a law first drafted in 2005 by a coalition including community broadcasting activists, journalists and labour unions was adopted in 2007, guaranteeing an equitable distribution of frequencies between private, public and civil society organisations. Where is there still work to be done on this topic? In lieu of creating an advocacy project, we created a website compiling the class’s issue briefs, providing summaries of their work and a database of peoples’ projects. At the same time, it compromises the ability of disadvantaged people themselves to advocate for their own communication needs. The way that we are going to get our message to spread is to ask everyone in the class to hand the brochure on to someone else so that the message never stops.

The media can bring a mass audience, potentially increasing profile and credibility, but they can also bring bad publicity and may contribute to mobilising opposition as well as support. What risks might there be in alliance or coalition building?

It eventually influenced national-level digital-inclusion policies. To further the website’s use and success, we contacted the course administrator of RCL and she has agreed to use the website in compiling more issue briefs from other classes, ideally creating a master-site for these white papers.

The means of delivery must ensure it is received and heard – whether, for example, a written proposal, face-to-face presentation or public demonstration.

What is non-negotiable and what could be up for discussion? The message needs to reinforced, by repetition and through the influence of secondary audiences. Almost all effective policy-related advocacy efforts commence with observation and monitoring of the implementation and effectiveness of policies already in place. Due to the nature of our age and location, college-aged students are most likely to view, sign, and share our project. Advocacy invariably takes place in a dynamic environment, especially when the focus is on ICTs. [7] Continued campaigning and a change of government led eventually to adoption of the Right to Information Act 2005. The end-goal of this website is to be a source of modern and young thought for, let’s say, politicians trying to reach out to young people, innovative businesses, policy makers looking for genuine advice, or anyone who is seriously curious about the thoughts of young adults in America. The new constitution adopted in 2008 included the explicit entitlement of all persons to universal access to information and communication technologies, together with a right to the creation of social media, including equal access to radio frequencies. My infographic summarizes my findings on the cognitive, social, and economic benefits of preschool.

Also, we tried to emphasis that such discrimination is not protected against under many state laws.

The Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication (BNNRC),[14] for example, is a national network that combines a programme of advocacy in ICT policy areas such as right to information, community broadcasting and e-governance, with practical support for rural knowledge centres and community radio stations. Who else has influence over the key political decision makers?

I chose to design an infographic to present the research and proposals discussed in my issue brief in a visually appealing manner.

Much depends on the character, approach and credibility of those seeking change and the receptiveness of those they are seeking to persuade.

In any case, policy and decision makers may well respond to advocacy proposals with their own questions or alternative proposals. Rather they are run by well-educated middle-class professionals for whom pro-poor advocacy is a vocation.

The 5,000 women members of the Society are mostly Dalit, the lowest group in the Indian social hierarchy. The colors and graphics on the infographic are meant to engage any potential viewers. With support from Petrobras, it has been replicated in 50 locations across Brazil. You can use the outline below to help you craft an advocacy plan. Can support be usefully mobilised across different political parties?

[9], Some civil society advocacy organisations may have several campaigns running at the same time, each with distinct goals requiring different alliances and strategies.

Advocacy Essay Proposal/ Brainstorming Ideas. Here are some good sample student advocacy projects from this past year: End Transgender Discrimination Advocacy Project, Steven Davis, Victoria Moncur, and Andrew Ramirez. It begins by defining transgenderism and types of transgender discrimination, presents the reader both with facts and a pathos-based argument, and then asks the reader to sign our petition, giving two easy ways to do so.

Sample Proposal #1 Proposal to Assist in Reorganization at XXXXXX Situation Summary You must “jump start” people so that a new manner of working cross-function-ally—in a matrix organization—is not merely accepted, but is exploited as a high-pro-ductivity way of life. A capacity-building project or a demonstrator project might require significant investment in equipment and training.

Our Partners They may require certain policy decisions before they can proceed, but policy makers may also be more receptive to allowing a limited experiment to test and demonstrate an idea than to agreeing a major policy change. Advocacy is inherently political and an understanding of political dynamics is at the heart of effective advocacy. For example, the impact and effectiveness of investment in public ICT access centres may be improved by advocacy efforts to adopt and mainstream good practice such as community participation in management or use of free and open source software. The focus on college-aged students stems from our plans for real-world application. The North American Council on Adoptable Children (NACAC) supports, educates, inspires, and advocates so adoptive families thrive and every child in foster care has a permanent, safe, loving family. The model offers free public access and training support, is based on free and open source software, and promotes community involvement in management and development of the centres as a space for community organisation. In this part we look at the practical steps involved in ICT advocacy planning and implementation.

What We Do

It is accompanied by case examples and signposting to further tools and resources.

Females are the main audience of this appeal, due to the fact that this is the primary audience of cosmetic consumption.

Mar 10, 2016 - This board highlights compelling graphics created by organizations for their advocacy campaigns. Finally, my infographic ends with three proposals for accomplishing this task.

What other ministries have an interest in the impact of the current or proposed policies, for example, rural development, education? Most advocacy initiatives involve some degree of mobilising public support behind the proposal. Media and the internet can also be used to recruit and mobilise broad-based public support. What other organisations share similar goals and concerns?

Good communications is at the core of effective advocacy. Policy monitoring by civil society groups may be in the form of one-off investigation into a particular area of interest; it may consist of a baseline study, perhaps at the commencement of a new policy, and a follow-up study later to establish what results were achieved; or it may be a periodic monitoring report, such as an annual review. As part of its strategy for opening the door to community radio development, it has proposed a pilot scheme in at least six locations to be distributed across the country’s geopolitical zones. The infographic is attached, and the petition can be found at the following link: It highlights the importance for people facing disadvantage to be able to assert their own needs and interests. Funds and other resources will need to be sufficient to sustain the project for its duration. Although reorganization has not been the norm, there is likely to The message needs to be clear: it should explain what is being proposed, why it is needed, and what difference it would make. Monitoring. Social Innovation Challenge events include (starred events mandatory for participants): Following registration, you will be forwarded additional details about the event.

How are these reflected, or not, in current laws and regulations? Its first step was to produce, with the Press Council of India, a draft right to information law.

[19] For each of the stages we set out some key considerations to be addressed. [11] It is one of the reasons why advocacy for equitable access to ICTs is important. Who will be the primary beneficiaries of the initiative? What partnerships and alliances are most likely to assist in mobilising broad-based support? This partnership-based project mobilised policy, investment and technical support leading to the establishment of 128 community-based telecentres. [3] Carmen Malena, Reiner Forster and Janmejay Singh Social Accountability: An Introduction to the Concept and Emerging Practice (Washington: World Bank, 2004). In the brochure, there will be a link to one or more anti-animal testing organizations, such as PEETA, whose primary focus is to advocate for the same thing that we are. _____ Proposal: Voluntary Human Experimentation Should be Promoted. We chose to design an infographic because it is both captivating and logically informative. After years of public debate and the passage in several Indian states of right to information laws, the government of India passed the Freedom of Information Act 2002. Categories: These might include, for example, commitments to ICT infrastructure roll-out, universal access policies, support for community-based ICT access centres, public interest broadcasting policies, or regulatory mechanisms to ensure fair pricing of services. Does this problem have a policy dimension? It also needs to be compelling: it should be crafted to the interests and knowledge of the audience. In other cases a single-issue organisation, or a coalition of like minded groups, may form to campaign towards a single policy goal, as in the example of India’s campaign for a right to information law. Advocacy, There are a great number of “pro-poor advocacy” organisations that are not, by any means, populated by people with first-hand experience of poverty. At several points we pose questions rather than solutions.

It also highlights the lessons learned: for instance, how commitments to change policy mean little without political will.


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