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Oh and one more thing….remember to wear bathing suit bottoms or something over your leggings. You should now have a neatly finished rectangle of fabric ready to sew onto the basic shirt piece. “I sewed the pattern left to right, so it goes backwards when I wear it,” says Harriet. Put all those pieces together, slap on some blue arrows, and think up some epic poses and you have an Aang cosplay. I sewed them on with the same method as the orange waistband, except I left a gap on the inside so the pants open up and flow a bit. I cut along the neckline and then straight up beyond the neckline for about two inches on each side. -I then cut a triangle out of the bottom, as pictured below. Here’s pictures: -I sewed the two yellow collar pieces to the neckline of the orange cape. . The pictures below illustrate the pleats and folded fabric, which is then folded up on itself to create a loop, or sash. I’ve just had a whirlwind of an experience with Avatar: The Last Airbender. Then, cut the swirls that make the design on the disc out of a separate piece. Though it gets a little confusing around the sewing area ;; Im hoping to sew my first ever cosplay and enter a cosplay competition as Aang. -The yellow collar proved to be quite a little predicament.

Plus, with Jinora’s part in LoK becoming much more important, this costume could easily be used for her to. Alternatively, you can use her design. Change ). She was raised on an unsteady diet of video nasties and violent action flicks. -I then made two black bands out of the black t-shirt for the bottom of the pant legs. Cactus Juice. I measured around my waist and cut it to the right size. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. I fell in love with the story, the characters, and the world of the Avatar. Aang Cosplay. I then took the top layer of the yellow fabric I had just cut, flipped it up and used it as a template for the upper half. But that’s a bit too prosaic an explanation for us. It’s significant that his Avatar outfit also comprises the Fire Nation clothes he “borrows” from a washing line in Season 3 Episode 2 – notably, the trousers and boots. For Aang’s blue arrow tattoos, Harriet suggests pale blue Snazaroo face paint. I nearly fell off my chair when the lowest price I found was $59! Start with approximately two metres of orange fabric — you might need slightly more or less depending on your shoulder to knee measurement. “I wanted the shirt to be comfy and practical for long periods of time, such as at cons. And wear them. The attainment of these tattoos was revealed during a public ceremony.”.
“Paint the red stripe down the front,” says Harriet. Aang’s yellow shirt is a basic wrap of fabric, but this isn’t very workable when you need to wear the costume for any length of time and actually move around in it. Then I held the yellow fabric firmly while stretching the orange band as far as it would stretch. Part senior Air Nomad monk uniform, it indicates Aang’s growth, maturity and beefier skillset as the final battle and series finale approaches. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. That’s incredibly confusing and I apologize. And VOILA!

Avatar, Uncle Iroh. Once you’ve sewn the pieces together, stitch it to the back of the belt so that it sits centre-front. His Grandmother made his Avatar Aang costume out of yellow,orange and brown felt, and put cardboard under the collar to make it stiff and stand up. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.com. Now you need to attach this piece.

Cut two rectangles from a piece of maroon or burgundy fabric to this length, at a width of approximately 10cm, following the first of the two patterns below. Harriet recommends using knee-high brown boots as a base. FANDOM is the ultimate destination for celebrating your love of anime. Embroider just the front piece of fabric in a contrasting yellow stitch. ^-^, Hey, thanks for the feedback! ( Log Out /  She sketched the final look, so she had an image of the finished build to refer back to, and so she could work out what alterations and additions she felt she needed to make.

By foolofatouque August 10, 2013 aang airbender atla avatar the last airbender Cosplay Costume katara sokka suki . The pants are store-bought velour pajama pants, because I don’t … Read more, My 6 year old son Connor wanted to look like his favorite cartoon character on nickalodean’s Avatar Aang. I downloaded a photograph of Aang holding his flying staff from the Internet. Once I’d gone a few inches, I readjusted and sewed the next few inches. This means you can minimise layering that could be potentially become uncomfortable and hot. Alternatively, wrap the boot in cling film and duct tape, then carefully remove to make a pattern for a boot cover.”. -I folded the strip over, sewed along the bottom, turned in inside out, and sewed the ends together. The design was an emulation of the natural arrows on the heads of flying bisons, the original airbenders and animals revered by the Air Nomads.
If you don’t want to risk fooling around with making your own patterns, any t-shirt or tunic pattern will work just fine. So I did a one-armed shirt with a separate segment sewn over the top — giving the illusion of his shirt,” says Harriet. -For the cape…thing I used two layers of orange fabric simply because the fabric I had that was the shade of orange I wanted was transparent so I put a different shade of orange underneath. You’re left with a beautifully draped wrap-effect that you can slip across the body to wear like a sash. Hem the material along every edge, and then add pleats to the two shorter ends. Whether journeying to a destination or on the run, the Chosen One has at times been compelled to wear disguises or alternative attire, depending on the circumstances.

It’s a great idea to write down the measurements you need to work to on this initial design, or, like Harriet, you could make copies of your sketch to help keep your build easier to track. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Cut a circular piece of Worbla a little larger than the foam brooch then fold it over the edges, as seen in the pictures below. Kim Taylor-Foster is Entertainment Editor for Fandom in the UK. If you wish to include the Avatar Cycle element symbols embroidery on your belt, you should do it now before your belt is stitched together. Toph - Winter Earth Bending by TophWei on DeviantArt.

Needle, thread, and glider staff at the ready…. “And safety pins instead of pin backs would work the same if you prefer.”. I learned about Avatar the Last Airbender (The series, NOT the movie) from my husband when we was first married, we actually watched a lot of it on our honeymoon. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Lay your fabric rectangle over the shoulder of the undershirt, with the centre of your length of material sitting at the top of the shoulder. Being that I go through tv shows like nobody’s business and that Avatar is only three seasons of twent… Article by Erin Dolezal. See more ideas about Avatar the last airbender, The last airbender, Cosplay. There you have it. I’ve just had a whirlwind of an experience with Avatar: The Last Airbender. So I decided to make a costume. If that totally confused you, I explained it a bit better in my Merida cosplay tutorial. How to Make a Cool Blue Spirit Mask from Avatar: The Last Airbender, Flying Baby Appa Sky Bison Costume from Avatar: The Last Airbender, Original Homemade Azula Costume from Avatar: The Last AirBender, Coolest Aang Avatar The Last Airbender (Cartoon Version) Halloween Costume, Homemade Venom Costume Made by a 6-Year Old Boy, Cutest Ever Homemade Thing 1 and Thing 2 Couple Costume, Awesome Homemade GIANT Kit-Cat Klock Costume with Automatic Moving Eyes, Coolest DIY Tyrone Biggums Costume for Adults, Coolest Audrey II – Little Shop of Horrors Wheelchair Costume. Photo by YetAphoto cosplay by tophwei Original Toph Bei … To make the brooch, cut a circle from a sheet of craft foam. Photo submitted by … Aang had several outfit changes across the three seasons of Avatar: The Last Airbender. This was my first time trying anything stretchy and this stitch worked REALLY well. Instagram influencer and cosplayer tipsy_pig, otherwise known as S. Harriet Rhodes, shares her step-by-step instructions for making Aang cosplay her way – with design illustrations, patterns, and tips thrown in. First, Harriet designed the outfit, so you should too. Hem along the bottom and the armhole. Sew the two pleated ends together. Harriet wanted to include the Avatar Cycle emblems on the belt, and add in an Air Nomad brooch, which, practically, helped to both conceal seams and hold everything in place, and also reflected the pendants senior monks wore. Firenation outfit (Book 3) The set includes the top, the trousers, the belt, the tabard, the wristbands and the headband 3.


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