a brand new day ddlc
Save them all.

bit.ly/2RDOu08 Just played through the three days and very much liking what I am seeing.

Added some new faces for Yuri. Happy 1 year Anniversary of A Brand New Day (Actually past it) and Merry Christmas! thx for working so hard tho :) 1 year anniversay dear god. Working with what I have so bear with me! Just overwrite the files with the new ones! It is still in production. It’s a full release of a demo. Other fixes as well, can't remember them all! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3qW47gYeiKWnE5sn0eBWkkPfLgokG73t.

Morning is complete all the way up to the beginning of the club! Link below!

By the way, your account seems to be shadowbanned, for some reason. Sorry for a very late update, still pretty sick, but had this in my head so much, I had to let it come out! Added some backgrounds! Aw man, I misread the title as "day 23" and thought there were 12 more days.


Added more better stuff for Monika's portion, enjoy! Mirror post if you can’t access mega!

Dinner event added! (Once more stuff is finished! Added more little fixes!

I strongly recommend playing through ALL of the days as you may find other new tidbits in each of them! Just finished the current newest release but that was over a year ago. Fixed CG (Thanks wiseguyinc!) No matter what happens on Discord or whatever, I am still working on this mod.

За сценой происходит кое-что ещё большее, что может стоить им их жизней! Added more to day 10! Join our Discord community by clicking. Day 12 Beta was a April fools joke FYI. 100% Upvoted. bit.ly/ABND0526192 Day 12 Baita: (April Fools!) Yay! .

I wanted to clean up some things before I continued on new days. Close. Did some more grammar and spelling corrections. Stuff gets funny. If you can't play the mod and wish to experience a play through, here is the playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3qW47gYeiKWnE5sn0eBWkkPfLgokG73t. (Full game and revised Demo is being worked on, there will be changes! As the Modding arm, we aim to produce only the best content pursuant to the IP Guidelines found here: http://teamsalvato.com/ip-guidelines/ Synopsis In this mod, the main character gets a will of his own, which in turn causes multiple changes to the story. Join the discord server so you wont miss any information. Have fun! Sayori forced our protagonist to join the Literature Club.

A Brand New Day is a fanmade mod of Doki Doki Literature Club, created by Phathom on Twitter. Cleaned up some scenes. You will have to find this mod elsewhere. Thank you for your reply ! Will take your advice and play through the rest of the available days to see any possible new content. I absolutely love this mod! (Purchased and licensed, more to come when other days are completely revamped! It’s a revamp of days 1-3. bit.ly/2RDOu08 (Google Drive!) )(Spoiler alert!) This mod is really decent now. Added tea scene for Day 11 for Yuri. I'm still working on it. to the best catalogue of mods for Doki Doki Literature Club! Latest build I have does not have that issue. Это ещё не все, что происходит в этой истории.

Only up to day 10! It's not the real day 12. I was on a business trip and forgot to update this!

We all have been hard at work since the last release! Day 11 will be final day for beta/demo. (Try them if you dare!).

If you check my twitter @phathom, you will find teasers and such on there. There's alot of progress made so far.

Corrected some items and fleshed out a few more parts! Lost my shit. – In development –. (I have artists on board!

Backgrounds corrected and Some Dadsuki 2.0 Art Added! bit.ly/ABND052619 fixed and revised dialog with Monika and Yuri! Isso não é tudo que há nesta história. Mirror is here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1NLH1tK1zUiL7Kkzv5kbQt0rfpJ5O1Dbv. Patch notes: Thank you for the beta team, /u/MarKreations and the many others for working with me on getting this done so far!

(Google Drive!) There’s something even bigger happening behind the scenes that may cost them their lives!

Think of it as a what if. report.

My goal was end of this year, but due to Covid-19, along with health issues and life, I'm hoping for sometime next year. Let's fix that. Try the date with Monika and Sayori again, you'll be in for a shock!

Added some new character poses but only partially implemented in day 9! more minor changes! Only the contents from the folder! Sayori forçou o nosso protagonista a se juntar ao Clube de Literatura. is now available to everyone!

Minor spelling corrections to day 1 and 2. ), Mirror post if you can’t access mega! ... We also have a brand new Discord server: Check out our BRAND NEW DISCORD! DISCLAIMER: The original author(s) of this mod may differ from the author(s) of its mobile port(s). So in conclusion, i'm pretty impressed so far.

Mod submission form; Video submission form; About us; Mods.

(I've been working on this constantly, this mod is no way dead!). (You let the characters die, you are a bad person, you will feel bad!


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