5 7x28 vs 9mm
The design was patented back in 1989 by FNH. 357 Magnum vs 44 Magnum – What’s Better for You? Let’s start with the cost of ammunition in our comparison. This never happened, and eventually it was released onto the US commercial market. This is the case with the new pistol from Ruger, called the “Ruger 57.” As buzz builds and ownership of the pistol picks up, we thought a 5.7×28 vs. 9mm caliber comparison would be a good way to get a feel for what the round is capable of. When it comes to walking into your local store and finding either 5.7x28mm or 9mm on the shelves, again there is no contest. • Total Length: 1.594 inches American Eagle’s 50-grain FMJ averaged 1,689 fps. The original 5.7x28mm loads were actually designed to offer similar terminal performance as 9mm NATO ball. Second, the 5.7×28 was designed specifically to facilitate rapid fire in a personal defense weapon, yet that advantage is moot so long as the NFA is in effect. Expansion was a different story. It is significantly older than such popular cartridges as the 300 AAC Blackout, 6.5mm Grendel and 6.5mm Creedmoor for instance.

© Copyright Ammotogo.com 2020 All Rights Reserved. Before we continue though, let’s consider the other cartridge in question, the 9mm. Most notably and more recently, however, Ruger introduced the Ruger-57, a reasonably priced but comparable pistol to FN’s thousand-dollar Five-seveN handgun. Jane’s Defence Weekly (ISSN 0265-3818), Volume 40 Issue 21, pp 26–28. Here is the question you all have been waiting for. We’re always leery of manufacturer test results. 9mm is a 124 grain bullet with 450 ft/lbs of energy. If it’s possible to do, someone has done it with the 9mm. 5.7x28mm Dummy Rounds: This inert round is available by special order only. The Picatinny-railed pistol is fairly compact with a user-friendly design. I’ve chrono’d my hand loads at over 2,000 fps from the 4.5″ barrel, and I also developed the 5.56×24 from the .22 TCM to allow hand loaders to use standard .224″ bullets and fit into the confines of a 9mm magazine.

Third, the 5.7 can squeeze 20 or (as Hop learned in the video above) 21 rounds into a full-size frame for more capacity than 9mm. 300 Richmond, VA 23255 United States, Subsonic Ammo – A Buyer’s Guide to the Quiet Side.

We set up and fired some of the 40 grain FN V-Max loads into gel with the Ruger 57 from 10 feet away. The 40-grain 5.7x28mm V-MAX, for example, holds a muzzle velocity of 367 foot-pounds (ft-lbs.) These high-speed, low-weight calibers were created in response to NATO’s lengthy teasing of a potential replacement of the old reliable 9x19mm round.

According to an article from the Dallas News, the Five-seveN is sought after by Mexican drug cartels for its effectiveness, and FN’s pistol can fetch $5,000 on the black market because of its performance, especially against armored targets.

Regardless, the gist is this: faster than, but less powerful (in terms of ft-lbs of force) than 9mm.

For example, the Ruger 57’s standard magazine holds 20 rounds. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The 5.7×28 belongs in the FN P90, which you can’t have. Few self-defense situations occur at distances greater than a few yards, let alone 100. • Bullet Diameter: .224 inches In that time countless firearms for it have hit the market, comprising everything from revolvers to AR-15s. The farthest pushed through the gel 17″. But also, and this should be mentioned, with half the recoil. • Released: 1901 |   Well, the answer to this is a bit more complicated than first meets the eye. The PS90 isn’t uncommon. Total metal jacket (TMJ) rounds from Federal Premium were as low as $0.32 per round, while TMJ rounds from the same company in 5.7 were $0.57 per shot.

You will not see 5.7x28mm offered in steel case, due to the design, which I will get into later. • Bullet Diameter: .355 inches and a much much higher velocity than a .45. • Generally used in semiautomatic pistols. This really isn’t something to aspire to. The bullets were tiny. The 5.7x28mm is another example of Europeans designing rounds for multiple uses: Full Auto Rifle, Semi-Auto Rifles, Full Auto Pistol, and Pistols. We were curious about how 5.7×28 would do when put through the paces in some gel testing.

So you have neither size nor mass. Therefore, I would expect the 4.6mm to be the superior armor defeater, with the 5.7mm having less poor terminal effects. Stepping up to some boutique specialty loads, Elite Ammunition’s 27-grain T6B averaged 2,472 fps while their 28-grain DevastaTOR averaged a smoking 2,475 fps. SS190 Duty Round: The duty round incorporates a limited-risk aluminum-core projectile. These are two very different cartridges, with distinct differences in design, bullet size, and muzzle velocity. Good shooting technique can sometimes mitigate the effect but the force is still there. For example, the Ruger 57’s standard magazine holds 20 rounds.

This advantage is moot for the civilian shooter, because armor piercing 5.7×28 rounds are illegal in America. • Generally used in semiautomatic pistols. 5.7 only penetrates body armour if it from a rifle and it is amour pearcing....civilian 5.7 is not armour pearcing, and volcities from the handgun is substantually less then the rifle. The 5.7x28mm is a very interesting cartridge, and current loads can be improved upon, but for right now I will stick with a 9mm for personal protection. It is also widely used by LE agencies. The 5.7x28mm is small bullet, high velocity round. The 5.7×28’s ballistic performance is often compared to that of a 22 WMR out of a rifle. While the SS190 duty round and its armor-rending capabilities are currently restricted to LE/military only, according to our partner for this article, Ammunition To Go, there are presently three civilian-available varieties. But when it comes to muzzle energy, they seem to be similar. • Rim Diameter: .392 inches

This gel testing video notes good penetration and some gnarly permanent cavities with tumbling, but poor expansion from all but one of the six rounds fired into gel. This is a win for the 5.7x28mm. for our 5.7x28mm rounds. How hard does the 5.7x28mm kick compared to the 9mm? The 5.7x28mm generally gives you more rounds on target here. For example, MagSafe’s 9mm 50-grain Mini-Glock load averaged a blistering 2,242 fps from my old Walther P1. Still have questions? Finally, as a fast little bullet, it must be downloaded to abysmally low levels to work well with a sound supressor (silencer). I know one cost more than the other, one recoils more than the other, shot placement is king.....but which round would cause more soft tissue damage?


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