3m plastic emblem and trim adhesive instructions
3M. 3M Part No. 0000002356 00000 n 0000001559 00000 n (s) 3M Part Descriptor(s) 08063 3M™ Ultrapro™ Trim and Emblem Adhesive 3M Fax on Demand Identification Number: Description A brushable clear gel adhesive designed to bond Automotive Trim and Emblems.

Disclaimer: JB Tools holds itself out as neither the manufacturer, an affiliate of the manufacturer, or an “authorized” distributor of this product. %PDF-1.3 %���� If you have a loose interior panel, glue it back in place with this durable, fast-curing adhesive. 0000002976 00000 n The 3M trim tape must be applied to bare paint and bare plastic on the trim piece.

It dries quickly and is resistant to water, heat and fuels. 316901. All prices are in USD • © 2020 JB Tools Inc. • Genius Ecommerce by 1Digital.

Use on interiors and exteriors. 0000005016 00000 n 3M Plastic Emblem and Trim Adhesive permanently bonds plastic and metal emblems, rigid plastic parts, taillight lenses, trim strips, and other parts for interior and exterior applications on vehicles. 30 Seconds.

Made to dry clear, the adhesive can be used to bond transparent or translucent plastics … Our high-strength adhesive offers good heat and water resistance. Note: 3M Plastic and Emblem Adhesive can mar paint in the process of creating a strong and lasting bond. Single component adhesive 10 - 30 second work time 3M™ Plastic & Emblem Adhesive is a strong, quick-drying, single component adhesive that can be used for bonding plastic or metal emblems, interior rigid plastic, tail light lenses, vinyl side moldings or upholstery. It dries quickly and is resistant to water, heat and fuels. SELECT STORE . 0000001718 00000 n Use on interiors and exteriors.

0000005857 00000 n 0000001778 00000 n H�l�1o[1�w� 3M Plastic and Emblem Adhesive permanently bonds plastic and metal emblems, rigid plastic parts, taillight lenses, trim strips, and other parts for both interior and exterior applications.

By purchasing this product from JB Tools, purchasers may not be guaranteed any manufacturer-provided services offered by the manufacturer of this product (including any training or technical support that may otherwise be available). Home → Adhesives, Sealers & Plastic Repair → Trim Adhesives → 3M Company Plastic Emblem and Trim Adhesive, 30.0 mL, 12/cs Print The manufacturer's warranty, if any, constitutes the only warranty with respect to the sale of all products by NCS and its affiliates; all products must only be used in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. 3M™ General Trim Adhesive bonds automotive materials such as carpeting, vinyl, fabrics, and plastics to metal and other hard, impervious surfaces. H��T�n�0��)xtf�y�n�e؊b�N����p�{����H��Xi�}I)#�����Y>�7/]���f����Y��-�@a��j�����P��m OV�E� Ub�� �d�˔#���o�eFh���s���g�D駸�o��}�+��I�yK�����+М�%=� ߡٝc� l��Ca$* }����t���޿���7r;��*��v���n�n41�7��e�62���j��1��*��*�ͩ֙ $ �_������71�B����vӄup����Q�F�O�����]��Z6֒(�,�VM&[¡���d\��rH��,q�&5*��qt����G� Q~�P)�%�M����m3l^�Kx�N;��mQ�8Ok�^�c#-�6,Ӣd�����֡�H�Hw#����{T9� Get deals on automotive parts, truck parts and more. Pinch with 2 fingers to zoom.

With any type of body moldings or emblems, 3M tape is the way to go. By Charleston in forum Auto Detailing 101, By parkerslade in forum Auto Detailing 101, Astro Pneumatic 400E Smart Eraser Pad For Pinstripe Removal Tool - Power Rotary Tools - Amazon.com, Sales & Promotions - For forum members and non-forum members. 0000001027 00000 n

Style: 3M Plastic and Emblem Adhesive TubeSize: 5 oz.


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