2 player zombie games ps4 offline

Puyo Puyo Tetris is a combination of two great puzzle games, and all five of the modes included can be played with up to four players. With the help of Shinji Mikami, the director of the original Resident Evil series, The Evil Within 2 successfully captures the same essence of survival, horror-style games by creating a new fleshed out original game. Also updated is the save system. Features / In the game, players take the role of two young girls that strive to explore the island and unearth the secrets it holds.

If you’re in the market for a new title to enjoy with a friend then take a look at our favorite picks down below. This means you and a buddy can make your way through the campaign, jump into horde mode to take out waves of enemies, and blast a few bots in multiplayer matches. Players will find that the characters featured are broken down into classes that will either emphasize on areas such as speed or power. Be ready. In battling the zombie hordes, hilariously called "Freakers," Days Gone introduces a variety of unique elements as a direct result of its high production value. The most horrific PS4 zombie game on the list changes up traditional Resident Evil gameplay by putting you in a first-person mode as you explore a derelict plantation inhabited by an undead mutant cannibal family. One player will need to disarm a ticking time bomb, while the other reads them instructions from a manual. There have been a few titles in the mix that focuses on Sega properties and characters, but this latest installment features just the Sonic IP. Zomboids Challenge 2. All of which come in support of Day’s Gone fairly polished stealth, action, and motorcycle driving gameplay. House of Hazards. The best part is that Rocket League features so many diverse modes to play now, from ice hockey to hoops, there's enough variety to keep two players hooked for a while.

It's a hectic experience that requires a lot of coordination between the two of you. The rules are simple: Players are thrown in a labyrinth map that has numerous brain-hungry zombies breaking in from different corners and it is up to you to fight them off. Created using the full power of the Unreal Engine 4, this PS4-exclusive title puts you in the shoes of U.S. Army veteran Deacon St. John as he traverses the post-apocalyptic landscape as a bounty hunter for hire. Instead of dealing with a kitchen and cooking up particular dishes, Moving Out forces players into a moving company. From there they will race alongside each other as they attempt to win races that factor in how well the team actually works together. Super Smash Bros. is always one of the top choices for multiplayer games, whether it's just two of you or a group of eight.


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