1996 seadoo sp specs

the 130 hp 951cc engine powered it without hesitation. O-Rings every 50 hours and

It uses two Mikuni BN 40-38 carburetors and a variable rate oil injection system. Insure your 1996 Sea-Doo/BRP SP for just $100/year* More freedom: You’re covered on all lakes, rivers, and oceans within 75 miles of the coast.

The cost of a PWC these days now seems to be getting way out of the reach of pretty much anyone except those with exceptional credit. You couldn't pay me to ride on a PWC going that fast though! The most simple reliable machine you can get. www.SeaDooManuals.net . It's worth mentioning this year marks the beginning of the use of the new style ignition module.

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the 900CC four stroke engine powers this machine.

The downside to this machine, and it is a major downside, is the cost of maintenance. It Handles a litle bit better the the 1995 model but everything else is exactly the same.

VTS Boot Upgrade Kit It really reminds me of the classic seadoo.

The GTI models are all 4 stroke powered now and the GTX models from last year are also are in the lineup. That seat will fit all the 1990-2001 GT style hulls and could be found in purple/green, purple, and yellow. The GTI and the GTI SE are now the only skis left that are below $10,000.


02 - Top End

I have the carb kit so I'll clean it up and get that done. The only real new addition is a 155hp RXP which has been a big debating point on the many Sea Doo forums.

03 - Bottom End The SP is technically a 2 passenger machine although that hull was pretty tippy with anything more than a couple kids onboard. The GSX Ltd. operates with Mikuni BN 46 carburetors, has a dry weight of 523 lbs.

because of the hours on the units, and how well they ran. We also see the OPAS (Off Power Assisted Steering) first this year as well on the GTI LE (717) and the GTX 4-TEC.

I will shed some light the early SPI's all started life as SP's, Seadoo sold an SPI kit to do the conversion with. It also gets there really fast.

Gauge Information

The SP model is Seadoo's base model.

I have the 1195 manual i downloaded. Now you need to take it to the dealer if you lose your lanyard as well. Although it isn't a very popular ski, I have heard it's a whole lot of fun to ride! We get a new GTS though and it's basically the same as the GTI, but with less bells and whistles. I will be getting under the hood, Get rid of those grey tempo fuel lines looks like they replaced some. Although the first Sea Doo watercraft really appeared in 1968, for our purposes, we'll be starting with 1988 since that's the first year for the "modern" Sea Doo PWC. The machine is simple, no gauges or information center.

The 1993 XP is the first to have electric trim available as well. I have used BRP two stroke oil exclusively and the heads of the pistons are clean and carbon free.

Wear Ring Removal.

Misc. I would guess not many were sold since they're pretty scarce compared to the 1989 SP. Yamaha has a great lightweight hull but limit speeds with the drive train design. The Analoge RPM gauge was replaced with the Speedometer, the RPMs could be monitored by the information center. 2006

The ceramic clutch discs are great at dissipating heat but they break easy.

In 1998 we lose some models, but in exchange get the new 787 RFI Fuel Injected RAVE engine. Now we're talking some power! Complete Pump Housing Kits! 02 MAINTENANCE 00 - Table of Contents

With a top speed of 71 MPH it is very fast.

Battery dying in your Trim

The reason though I like the GTI is mainly the color. Engine Torques Specs 04 - Storage These are basically boats that have to go to a dealer for even the simplest maintenance needs.

idling was almost impossible. This year Sea Doo comes out with the 947 DI engine which offers the same power as the 947 carb model, … 02 - Air Intake Get 20ft cause my spi used 17 ft i believe. good shape. Kills itself as soon as it cranks over? 1996 Sea-Doo GTI Specifications Engine.

Although the new GTX Ltd iS is a really incredible state of the art craft with intelligent suspension, intelligent throttle, and even brakes, it seems to me that Sea Doo is trying to make an idiot proof ski anyone can ride. I've been hoping for a better design with less maintenance but I now believe that's not going to happen. 01 - Mandatory Tools affiliated with SeaDoo or Bombardier Inc.

Ill look where to download a manual.

1995-1997 Sportster MPEM Conversion

This leads me to believe that you cannot get any more out of the hole acceleration than this, it handles sharp at all speeds. 04 - Alignment At some point I also plan to have a chart that shows all specs including hull design and more for all years and if I do, a link will be posted on this page.

Also, if you hold your mouse over an image without clicking, it should display the year and model to help with identifying the pictures.

We do also see a limited production race machine designated RXX which I've read is the fastest stock production 2 stroke ever made.

The 1996 Sea-Doo HX is 107.5 inches long, 33.5 inches wide, and 38.2 inches high. I'll look for the 1996 spi.

The GT also was the first time Sea Doo introduced the reverse feature on a ski. The SP and XP basically were the same as 1991, but the XP now shows the first appearance of trim, although manual for this year.

It also features a different design trim system and a pump extension to increase the water volume in front of the pump.

By now, the only real mechanical fault worth mentioning is well known among those who own the Supercharged models. They also offered an XPI (657 dual carb) but I can't remember what differentiated it from the XP.

Nuts Bolts Etc...

The iS stands for "Intelligent Suspension" and from what I hear, it offers an incredible ride.

There is also a base RX with a 947 carb engine and the new but short lived LRV (dual carb 947). Your best and safest bet is the standard black automotive fuel hose. Mikuni Test Info Due to new stricter environmental rules, the push from now on will be towards more fuel efficient, less polluting PWCs. The XP also features a new design hull and rounded more modern body pieces as well.

The seadoo HX was the most extreme sport model availiable. google_ad_height = 240;

Took them Laughlin last year going 80 in 120 degree weather.

The GTX RFI (787) is in the lineup again as well as a new GSX RFI (787) model.

Thanks. 01 - SP and XP Series This year Sea Doo comes out with the 947 DI engine which offers the same power as the 947 carb model, but improved fuel economy and better emissions. https://www.seadooforum.com/showthread.php?89105-sp-runs!-driveshaft-bellows-spins-what-tube-is-this, http://osdparts.com/index.php?main_page=product_free_shipping_info&cPath=595_602_1&products_id=8554.

The 2002 GTI LE, GTX DI and GTX 4-TEC also now use a different design upper hull utilizing a new style hood and different seat design than 2002. Some of the tygon gets hard with age when used with fuel. Sea Doo Paint Codes ALSO WANTED

1993 Hello Guest! This one should be popular with people who own large yachts since they generally like a ski that blends in with their yacht and looks like it belongs there.

We still have the GTS (587 single carb) in the lineup, but we get the new GTI which is the same hull design as the 1995 GTX but with a 717.

1997 Speedster MPEM Conversion

It is original (except for batteries and impeller) and the engine is completely original (rings, pistons, etc.). 1997 02 - GTS and GTI Models In the mean time, my Fuel Economy Chart has specs and info for many models. It's basically the two passenger model of the RXP and is a little longer and slower than the RXP.

The GTX RFI (787) as well as the GSX RFI (787) model are in the lineup and pretty much unchanged from 1999. LOL I pulled the spindles to change the bearings and seal. Coil Reference Chart

They still can fail though so therefore Sea Doo calls for the supercharger to be rebuilt every 100 hours. The fuel tank had a 12-gallon capacity and required unleaded gas. In 1995, the company released the Sea-Doo SPX, an updated version of the 1994 model.


The GTI for this year gets the new style hull like the 1996 GTX but has the smaller 717 engine and no infocenter, just gauges. 2009,